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We nurture leaders and policy makers for Asia and the world. Our graduates emerge with common strengths—they are team players who are adept at recasting global issues and trends through an Asian lens, and they traverse culturally diverse environments with sensitivity.

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  • beeshinStudents
    Bee Shin
    Master in Public Policy (2017), Korea

    For Asians to prosper and help the world, they need to know their Asia strength, the cultural strength that we have, the uniqueness that Asia has, so by choosing LKY which is the most prominent school in Asia, I thought that I would be able to have that unique power/advantage in the international society.

  • oluwaseun-fakuadeStudents
    Oluwaseun Bamikole Fakuade
    Master in Public Administration (2016), Nigeria

    If Africa would prepare a pathway for a future that is vibrant for their citizens, it is important not only to have Western ideas and knowledge but also balance it with Asia – the next emerging economy of the World.

  • ikki-toyomaStudents
    Ikki Toyoma
    Master in Public Policy (2017), Japan

    Studying here gives me the perspectives of international trade in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Studying here is the best choice to gain knowledge and skills. That’s why I chose this university.

  • admissions---ramona-bakshiStudents
    Ramona Bakshi
    Master in Public Administration (2016), India

    I wanted to study and understand policies in the Asian context so that I can take my knowledge and learning back to my country. Singapore is a success story and there’s a lot to learn. For the next few years, I see myself working for the government in India.

  • admissions---abdillah-bin-azizudinStudents
    Abdillah bin Azizudin
    Master in Public Administration (2016), Malaysia

    The diversity of the classroom surprised me. Everyone comes from different parts of the world. This is something new to me. Upon graduation, students leave the school with brand new perspectives and strong networks. This will enable me to better serve my country, and make ASEAN a better place to live in.

  • admissions---princess-celestinoStudents
    Princess Celestino
    Master in Public Policy (2017), Philippines

    I knew that LKYSPP would expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons in international development, particularly in ASEAN and Asia. Upon graduation, I hope that I will be able to join a prominent organisation and be in a position of influence to come up with solutions for global problems.

  • samuel-woodcockStudents
    Samuel Woodcock
    Master in Public Policy (2016), USA

    Asia’s growing, Asia is the place to be… There are very good schools in America, but schools that focused on Asia are limited. And so, this is the reason I came here.

Located in Singapore, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is at the heart of one of the best public policy laboratories in the world.

Master in International Affairs
Master in Public Policy
Double Master Degree in Public Policy and European Affairs
Master in Public Administration
Master in Public Administration and Management
PhD in Public Policy

The School’s Executive Education Programmes are designed to serve the training needs of organisations and working professionals in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors by strengthening the leadership and management capabilities of both organisations and individuals.

  • Graeme Ford, Senior Designer, ThinkPlace SingaporeExecutive Education
    Graeme Ford
    Senior Designer, ThinkPlace Singapore
    The Applying Behavioural Insights into Public Policy masterclass was an exciting opportunity to challenge assumptions on human behaviour.
LKYSPP is dedicated to addressing critical and complex policy challenges in Asia and elsewhere using evidence-based research.

Our research focuses on four broad areas that reflect a transitioning Asia. 

The LKY School has one of the most diverse research communities of any school of public policy. Our world-class faculty bring many different national perspectives to their research, and work with all kinds of different methodologies and conceptual and theoretical approaches

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  • Faculty Testimonials - Professor Khong Yuen FoongFaculty
    Khong Yuen Foong
    Li Ka Shing Chair Professor of Political Science
    America has created the most successful tributary system the world has ever seen. I argue that America wants, first of all, to be recognised as The Power, the number one power in the world, and secondly, it wants others to emulate its political ideals and institutions, i.e. democracy, liberal democracy.
  • leong-chingFaculty
    Leong Ching
    Senior Research Fellow
    The third hypothesis in the Devil's Shift is the Goliath hypothesis that you think that the other guy is more powerful than you are and I used the case of water privatisation in Jakarta because it is such a controversial case.

Global-is-Asian is our flagship content hub containing bite-sized analysis pieces and commentaries on key global policy issues relevant to Asia.

5 mins

Elderly suicide: How to address the rising trend in Asia’s ageing population?

3 mins

The evolution of electricity access and clean cooking energy in rural India

7 mins

Why we help each other in times of need: Promoting altruistic behaviour amongst the public

3 mins

How can we avoid the 'Tragedy of the Commons'?

5 mins

Prestige as power: Will China win the race for global influence?

5 mins

Asia’s New Middle Income Challenge

5 mins

Asia’s Trade War Task: Minimising the Damage

5 mins

International Trade: A Bleak Outlook

5 mins

China Risks Misreading Trump on Trade

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy