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December 2019

Offsetting Uncertainty: Reassurance under Two-Sided Incomplete Information (Forthcoming)

Publisher: American Journal of Political Science

December 2019

Things Unspoken: Forbidden Discourse and Credible Signals in the Shadow of Power (Forthcoming)

Publisher: Political Science Quarterly

Publisher: World Scientific

Publisher: Springer, Singapore

This book examines how institutional and environmental features in neighbourhoods can contribute to social resilience, highlighting the related socio-demographic issues, as well as the infrastructure, planning, design and policies issues. It is divided into three themes – infrastructure, planning, and community. Infrastructure examines how physical features such as parks and street patterns influence neighborliness and resilience, while planning studies how urban design enhances social interactions. Lastly, community discusses policies that can forge social bonds, either through racial integration, grassroots activities, or social service. Overall, the book combines research and empirical work with scholarly models of resilience and governance philosophy, focusing on Singapore’s urban planning and social policies.

Publisher: Singapore: World Scientific for IPS

Publisher: In Macroeconomic Shocks and Unconventional Monetary Policy Impacts on Emerging Markets, Eds. Naoyuki Yoshino, Pornpinun Chantapacdepong, and Matthias Helble, Oxford University Press

Publisher: in How Nations Learn: Technological Learning, Industrial Policy, and Catch-up, Eds. Arkebe Oqubay and Kenichi Ohno, Oxford University Press

Publisher: In China's Economic Modernisation and Structural Changes, Eds.Yongnian Zheng and Sarah Y Tong, World Scientific

July 2019

China-India Brief #142

  • ATTANAYAKE, Chulanee

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

June 2019

China-India Brief #141

  • JAISHANKAR, Dhruva

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation