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February 2019

Our Asian Future: What the Asianisation of the World Means for You (Forthcoming)

Publisher: New York: Simon & Schuster

January 2019

ASEAN Connectivity and Sino-Japan Infrastructure Export Competition: Understanding the Challenges Facing ASEAN Regional Integration (forthcoming)

  • BERGER, Blake

Publisher: NTU Press

January 2019

States, Institutions, and International Law in The South China Sea Dispute (Forthcoming)

  • Huang, Jing and Blake H. Berger, eds

Publisher: Basingstoke, the UK: Palgrave Macmillan

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

  • Blake Harley Berger

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

June 2018

Modi’s China Policy and the Road to Confrontation

Publisher: Pacific Affairs

  • Kikuchi, Tomoo and George Vachadze

Publisher: Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Publisher: The Straits Times

Publisher: The Straits Times

December 2017

One Country – Two Economies” in Vietnam: Assessment and Policy Recommendations

  • TAN Khee Giap, LUU NGUYEN Trieu Duong & Diamanta Vania LAVI

November 2017

Shandong Urban Composite Development Index: Ranking Results and Policy Implications

  • ZHANG Xuyao, LIM Tao Oei & LEONG Puey Ei

May 2018

East Asian Internationalism and Global Order

Publisher: CAG-King's College Conference

March 2018

Policy Capacity in Indian Foreign Policy: Need for Organizational Reforms

Publisher: Indian Public Policy Network, KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Publisher: Singapore: World Scientific for IPS

December 2017

Domestic and External Engines of Growth in ASEAN: A Methodological Note

  • TAN Khee Giap, LUU NGUYEN Trieu Duong & NGUYEN Duy

November 2017

Analysis of Productivity and Efficiency of SMEs in Singapore: Empirical Results from ACI’s PTEM Index

  • Nursyahida AHMAD, LIM Tao Oei & ZHOU Shida