LKYSPP is dedicated to addressing critical and complex policy challenges in Asia and elsewhere using evidence-based research. Our cross-disciplinary faculty and research centres apply the highest standards of analytic rigour to real-world problem solving in public policy, international development and international affairs and actively engage with policy communities, media, global organisations and students to find actionable policy solutions in these areas. The school’s research is supported by a variety of sources, including highly competitive external grants.


Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance

Academics in this cluster take a comparative development perspective to examine questions of policy design and implementation, enforcement and regulation, and policy effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and sustainability.

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Social Policy

Academics in this cluster offer a unique Asian perspective and insights from Singapore on specific areas such as Education, Fertility, Health and Pension Reform.

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International Relations and Global Governance

Academics in this cluster study the power shifts taking place globally and in Asia and the implications of the shifts for regional and global security and stability.

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Economic Development and Competitiveness

Academics in this cluster focus of specific areas such as Economic growth, role of ICT, International Trade, Finance and Investment, Regional Economic Integration and Fiscal Sustainability with particular focus on Asia.

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Research Publications and Activities

Our faculty is highly active in authoring impactful journal articles, books, opinion editorials and conference papers. The faculty is also heavily involved in various funded research projects of potentially important policy impact. The school has a vibrant research environment with many faculty, phd students and visiting academics presenting their new research findings at a weekly lunchtime School Research Seminar series. In addition the school’s case study unit that is engaged in writing cases in public policy and public administration in a wide array of contexts with a focus on Singapore specifically but also the rest of Asia.