Behaviours on Digital Platforms


As digital platforms become more pervasive in many aspects of Singapore’s society, there is an increasing need to understand social life as mediated and facilitated by digital technologies. Research has shown that while digital technologies can positively engage users, there are also risks associated with such engagement. For instance, children as young as 9 years old have been found to engage in risky behaviours such as chatting with someone they do not know, revealing personal information online, exposing themselves to violent games and other inappropriate content. They are also increasingly getting involved in or are victims of trolling or cyberbullying. With our society heralding greater digitisation, and with more and more people conducting various activities online, it is important to understand the plethora – and effects – of online behaviours.

The first phase of the study involved a large scale survey of various age groups in Singapore to understand digital platform use as well as the online experiences of the users. You may find out more about the first phase of the study by reading the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form here.

The study is now progressing into its second phase, which comprises a series of focus group discussions with selected participants. The focus group discussions will take place from late 2018 to early 2019. You may find more about the second phase of the study by reading the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form, which will be made available soon.