Young Singaporeans Conference


The Young Singaporeans Conference (YSC) is a biennial flagship event of IPS. The Conference gathers young Singaporeans who have shown leadership or excellence in their respective fields to discuss pertinent issues that are of concern to youths today.  The series began in 2002 under the leadership of Professor Tommy Koh.  Many attendees of the Young Singaporeans Conference have become leaders in academia, the public and private sectors, and carry with them important ideas and networks that were first initiated through the YSC.

The YSC revolves around interactive exchanges between designated speakers, typically global and local thought-leaders, and among participants that hail from different sectors of society. It aims to stimulate lively informed debates on public policy and politics in Singapore. This would hopefully foster a greater sense of engagement and ownership over the future of our society. Participants for the Conference are selected at the sole discretion of IPS.

Details for each edition of the YSC are available at the links below.

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