The Singapore Bicentennial Conference

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The Institute of Policy Studies is organising The Singapore Bicentennial Conference. 

It will be held on 30 September and 1 October 2019 at the Raffles City Convention Centre. 

The programme is designed to examine not only Singapore’s 200 year history since Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in 1819. It will also delve into the older story of Singapore as a bustling emporium connected to regional trade networks at least 500 years before its founding by Raffles. 

Another important task of the conference is to analyse the evolution of governance in a successful post-colonial state. 

The key objective of the conference is reflect on the ways that this history can provide important ballast for the country, a global city-state, as it navigates the uncertain age that the world seems to have entered.

In addition to a special dialogue session with the guest-of-honour, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the conference will feature historians and thought-leaders of international standing. They will discuss the global context of Singapore’s history before, during and after British colonialism. The sessions will be moderated by leading Singaporean public intellectuals. 

Please click here to view the programme It includes synopsis of each of the sessions that will be presented at the event.

Related Programme

#OurBicentennialReflections Video Challenge

As part of the Singapore Bicentennial Conference programme, we will be featuring the voices of young Singaporeans through a series of videos created by them. They will be invited, through a special contest, to share their reflections on what the bicentennial means to them and how it shapes their hopes for the country and the aspirations they have for their future. A selection panel comprising members of the Advisory Panel to the official Singapore Bicentennial Office will pick the 10 best video submissions to be screened at the Conference. Creators of these videos will be invited to attend the event too.

Students between the ages of 12 and 25 years old, citizens and Singaporean permanent residents are invited to participate in the #OurBicentennialReflections Video Challenge. The submission deadline is Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

Please click here for the poster on the video challenge.
Please click here for information and entry form.

Fairmont Ballroom (Level 4), Raffles City Convention Centre
Tue 1 October 2019
08:30 AM - 05:40 PM

If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Kerynn Lee at tel: 6516-8389 or via email: decb64_aXBzLmV2ZW50MTJAbnVzLmVkdS5zZw==_decb64