POPS (8) – IPS Post-Election Survey 2015

September 2015

POPS, or Perception of Policies in Singapore Survey, is a series of short surveys on issues of public interest conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies. The series seeks to provide timely snap-shots of how stakeholders are affected, would be affected by, or perceive the impact of the policy area being investigated.

'POPS (8): IPS Post-Election Survey 2015' (September 2015) was conducted after the 11 September 2015 General Election in Singapore to examine voter attitudes. The survey is similar to the one conducted by IPS after the 6 May 2006 and 7 May 2011 general elections and provides a comparison of findings across the three surveys. The findings of POPS (8) were launched on 4 November 2015 at the IPS Post-Election Conference.


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