POPS (5) – Presidential Election Survey 2011

September 2011

POPS, or Perception of Policies in Singapore Survey, is a series of short surveys on issues of public interest conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies. The series seeks to provide timely snap-shots of how stakeholders are affected, would be affected by, or perceive the impact of the policy area being investigated.

‘POPS (5): Presidential Election Survey 2011' is a new survey that seeks to provide a benchmark level of how voters understood the role of this young and complex institution called the Elected Presidency (EP) in Singapore. The survey instrument was developed by IPS researchers and has four sections, the first on the role of the EP to derive an indicator called ‘political knowledge’; the second, on the qualities that voters looked for in the candidates; the third, the communication channels that provided the most influential material to them as they made their voting choices; and the fourth on issues related to the election system and its outcome by which two indicators called ‘political legitimacy’ and ‘institutional independence’ were derived.

Conducted between from 20 September to 2 October 2011, POPS (5) data is based on the views of 2,025 Singaporeans of voting age and above, gathered through a telephone poll by a survey firm commissioned by IPS. It suggests that citizens in the higher socio-economic groups tend to be more critical voters in the sense that they are more questioning or demanding of the system of the EP and the outcome of the election.


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