Citizens and the Nation: National Orientations of Singaporeans Survey (NOS4)

IPS recently conducted the fourth survey in a series focused on tracking the emotional bonds that Singaporeans have to their nation titled: “Citizens and the Nation: National Orientations of Singaporeans Survey” (NOS4). This particular round of the survey also included a section on political participation. Among the key findings were first, that the sense of national loyalty and pride held steady inspite of the changes in economic performance and social landscape through the years; second, that the norms of active political participation were seemingly well-entrenched even if actual political participation was relatively low; and third, that while Singaporeans’ sense of community seemed to have strengthened in terms of respondents’ reported comfort with interacting with and providing social support to fellow-citizens, there was some concern about how the increased number of foreigners in Singapore might affect the sense of ‘one nation, one people’ here. The following links provide highlights of the findings of the survey based on responses of 2016 citizens between the ages of 21-64 years old conducted through face-to-face interviews achieved through disproportionate, random sampling stratified by ethnicity, age and house type. It was conducted between February and May 2009.


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The findings from the National Orientation of Singaporeans Survey conducted in 2000 can be found here.

Media Reports

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• Channel NewsAsia. 2010. IPS survey shows increased demand for political participation, involvement. 1 August

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