Disability Community Network Roundtable III: Caregiver Support

This is the third meeting of the Disability Community Network (DCN), which will focus on the topic of Caregiver Support for caregivers of persons with disabilities. 

Caregivers are often the main pillars of support for persons with disabilities, and have a significant impact on the well-being of care recipients. A distinction can be made between formal caregivers, who perform paid care roles in institutional settings and informal caregivers, who are usually unpaid and care for others at home, in public and other informal settings. The latter group merits particular attention, as Singapore faces an ageing population and as disability rises in prevalence. 

First mooted in October 2017, the purpose of the Disability Community Network (DCN) is to facilitate greater mutual exchange, understanding and collaboration between voluntary welfare organisations, social enterprises, civil society groups and individuals interested in the disability sector. 

As part of the DCN, meetings are organised to deliberate needs and gaps information, share ongoing and upcoming initiatives as well as to discuss possible collaborations. The first meeting of the DCN was on 11 May this year, and discussed the topic of Employment, while the second meeting on 21 August dealt with the subject of Education.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) has kindly agreed to host us for this meeting. To present agenda items, IPS has reached out to agencies with recent developments in the space of caregiver support, and put out an open call for participants to present their ideas and initiatives.

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• IPS January 2019 ENewsletter Report. Disability Community Network Roundtable III: Caregiver Support
Thu 29 November 2018
01:00 PM - 05:30 PM

By invitation only.

Dress Code: Office Attire
If you have any enquiries, please email decb64_YW5kcmV3LmxpbUBudXMuZWR1LnNn_decb64 or contact Mr Andrew Lim at 6516-8366.