About Our Research

LKYSPP is dedicated to addressing critical and complex policy challenges in Asia and elsewhere using evidence-based research. Our cross-disciplinary faculty and research centres apply the highest standards of analytic rigour to real-world problem solving in public policy, international development and international affairs and actively engage with policy communities, media, global organisations and students to find actionable policy solutions in these areas. The school’s research is supported by a variety of sources, including highly competitive external grants.

The school has demonstrated expertise in four research areas: Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance; Social Policy; International Relations and Global Governance; and Economic Development and Competitiveness. Visit the publications page to view our faculty and research centres’ publications.

Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance

Governments across Asia face myriad policy challenges, from balancing growth and equity to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. Our research focuses on how governments respond to these challenges, and on the actors, institutions and mechanisms involved in building a capable state. We examine questions of policy design and implementation, enforcement and regulation, and policy effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and sustainability.

Social Policy

As Asia undergoes rapid economic and demographic transformations, it must address a range of urgent problems that are placing heavy burdens on public finances and social systems. We bring an Asian perspective, insights from Singapore and an interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of these critical social policy issues. Our research addresses, among other topics, labour market dynamics, social safety nets, pension systems, health economics and health care systems, and ageing societies.

International Relations and Global Governance

The power balance and political landscape of the world has changed dramatically in recent decades. As Asia plays an increasingly prominent role in global affairs, we study the power shifts taking place across Asia and globally, and explore the geopolitical implications of these shifts for regional order in East and Southeast Asia. Our research brings a distinct Asian perspective to the study of politics and international relations, including consideration of the role of history and identity in shaping thinking in this area.

Economic Development and Competitiveness

Emerging Asia accounts for more than half of world economic growth. Our research examines the implications of Asia’s economic transformation for the region’s current and future well-being. Specific research themes include international trade, finance and investment; regional economic integration; fiscal sustainability; technological innovations and the competitiveness of sub-national economies, cities and firms. Across these areas, we are interested in how to construct an ecosystem that enables an integrated approach to economic development and financial stability.