Young Singaporeans Conference 2010: "Future.Identity.Talent@Singapore"

YSC 2010 will focus on three topics, namely, the future Singaporeans are likely to face in a vast different world, and the implications for policy; the sense of identity that will emerge for Singapore as a country and for Singaporeans as they live, work and play in that new future; and the management of local and foreign talent to enable Singapore to stay competitive, relevant and socially stable. In short, the title of YSC 2010 is Future.Identity.Talent@Singapore.

Session I: Sharing a Common Future?

Session II: Sharing a Common Identity?

Session III: Sharing Talent for Inclusive Growth?

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    Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa 

    Thu 11 November 2010
    09:00 AM - 09:30 PM

    By invitation only.

    If you have any enquiries, please email: decb64_aXBzLnlzY0BudXMuZWR1LnNn_decb64