Evening Talk

India in the Age of Technological Disruption

The talk will cover the following – How business and Government in India is being disrupted by the technological changes sweeping the world. It will outline the internet/ecommerce landscape in India. It will include the story of Aadhaar a unique on-line digital identity provided by Government, that has now close to a billion Indian residents enrolled, and how it can be used for Government reengineering and subsidy reform. It will explain the set of Programming Interfaces built on the Aadhaar platform, collectively called as the ‘India Stack’, and how it can power paperless presence-less and cash less applications. This enables the reimagining of business and Government – with consequent benefits in easier onboarding, market expansion, lower costs etc. And as India goes from being data poor to data rich due to smartphones, digital identity, digital payments and social media, data becomes the new currency. The talk will compare and contrast the Indian scenario with USA (where Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple dominate) to China (where most companies seem to be linked to Baidu or Alibaba or Tencent). That India is the final frontier where the American giants, the Chinese trio and Indian entrepreneurs will battle for the future, using the most open and innovative digital infrastructure.
Lobby, Oei Tiong Ham Building
469C Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259772
Thu 31 March 2016
05:15 PM - 06:30 PM

Mr Nandan Nilekani

Mr Nandan Nilekani

Chairman, EkStep

Seats are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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