7 mins

Accountability of Hong Kong leaders at stake

24 Jun 2019
Hong Kong’s leaders should examine themselves, and not play a instrumental role in the deterioration of the rule of law and press freedom in Hong Kong, or they will put themselves and their future generations in a quandary.
5 mins

New digital economy to be “a scary ride.”: Ex-Indonesian diplomat

19 Jun 2019
For ASEAN to go digital, the bloc must employ policies for connectivity and open up data flows, according to former Indonesian Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu
7 mins

This is why China needs animal welfare policies

13 Dec 2018
The recent crackdown on canines in Hangzhou, China, by public officials made it to the news and raised global criticism and questions regarding the harsh actions.
3 mins

How can we avoid the 'Tragedy of the Commons'?

05 Dec 2018
Economist Professor Elinor Ostrom believed the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ could be avoided. But collective action is still a problem especially when it comes to governing global public goods.