5 mins

Triumphant Modi must rediscover economic mojo

29 May 2019
Without reform, enthusiasm for Hindu nationalism could turn to disappointment.
5 mins

India will suffer for Modi's failure to tackle corruption

14 May 2019
Election rhetoric should not hide missed opportunities for better reforms.
5 mins

The internet is increasing income inequality in India

28 Jan 2019
The internet has always been hailed as a democratic force, a leveler of sorts, by its virtue of providing equal access to learning and economic opportunity. But a closer look at countries that have been the fastest adopters of internet in the last two decades (India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc.) shows a different picture.
7 mins

Letting Off (Some) Steam: China and India in Afghanistan

23 Jan 2019
Have China and India recognised that they share a mutual desire and need for a stable and safe Afghanistan? Photo: dvidshub on