7 mins

Understanding the Asian future

14 Jan 2019
Does the West see beyond China when it thinks of Asia? How does Asia perceive Asia? Parag Khanna ponders these questions in his latest book.
5 mins

The debt-trap politics of China

21 Dec 2018
China is pumping trillions of dollars into 65 developing countries via their Belt and Road Initiative. How are developed nations reacting to this investment?
5 mins

China's worrying mandatory social credit system

14 Dec 2018
The world's first digital social credit system is troubling many experts who fear it is ripe for abuse. What are its possible effects on Chinese society?
5 mins

Prestige as power: Will China win the race for global influence?

05 Dec 2018
If China and the US are destined to be rivals, how will it play out? What does a battle look like if the prize is prestige and not territory or domination? What constitutes a win?