Young Singaporeans (Un)Conference 2016: “What’s Good?”

As we forge ahead into Singapore’s 51st year of independence, amidst a time of growing complexity — an increasingly diverse society, a rapidly-changing biosphere, emergent disruptive technologies — and tectonic shifts in the world we live, the question of what we value, and the myriad ways we respond to it, have become more relevant than ever.

What do we value in our meritocratic society? What does meritocracy really mean? What does it mean to live a good life? What does it mean to do good: by ourselves, and by the people around us? How do ideas of wellbeing, happiness, fairness, and morality fit together? What is the "common" or "greater" good, and how do we — as individuals, as businesses, as collectives, as a society — move and work to that end? More urgently, how do we negotiate our values: those shared as well as those that diverge, or even provoke conflict?

There is, of course, no single, obvious answer. With an alternative "Unconference" format, this year’s edition of YSC invites young Singaporeans from different backgrounds and fields of expertise to actively share, explore, and discuss the diverse meanings and values they ascribe to the lives they live or aspire to, and those of the people around them.


In contrast to traditional top-down conference formats that feature panels of expert speakers, an “Unconference”, or Open Space conference, is a participant-driven format that focuses on having participants actively engage in a range of free and open discussions and workshop-style activities, encouraging vibrant exchanges, cross-pollination of ideas, and encouraging participants to develop critical responses to complex issues from the ground-up.

Please click here to view the conference concept and programme.


    The Pavilion @ Far East Square

    Wed 21 September 2016
    09:00 AM - 07:30 PM

    By invitation only.

    If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Vani Gunasilan at 6516-8377 or email: decb64_aXBzLnlzY0BudXMuZWR1LnNn_decb64