Singapore Perspectives 2017 "What If?"

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) will hold its annual flagship Singapore Perspectives (SP) conference on 23 January 2017. The theme of SP2017 is “What If?” and it will consider alternative scenarios of Singapore in the year 2065.

Singapore has experienced remarkable progress in the first 50 years of its independence. SP2017 will invite speakers and participants to re-examine Singapore’s key governing institutions, systems and values as we think of its future over the next 50 years. It will be an occasion to assess Singapore’s governance fundamentals in the context of possible internal and external change. We hope SP2017 will contribute to the on-going national discussion of what Singaporeans should continue to commit themselves to and what they might adapt or abandon.

The “What If” questions that speakers will address are:
• What if the nation-state is no longer the key organising unit of the world?
• What if globalisation fails?
• What if Singapore has to choose between China and the United States?
• What if non-economic indicators become the measure of a country’s progress?
• What if Singapore fails to become a creative and innovative nation?
• What if Singapore fails to sustain itself as a vibrant, cosmopolitan “global city”?
• What if we ignore race and religion?
• What if we cease to accept immigrants?
• What if the family is no longer the fundamental building block of society?
• What if Singapore becomes a two or multi-party system?
The conference aims to attract some 850 participants from the public and private sectors, academics, as well as civic and student leaders. It will be open to full media coverage.

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Singapore Perspectives 2017: Opening Remarks by Mr Janadas Devan
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Presentation Slides by Mr Jeremy Au
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Presentation Slides by Mr Aaron Maniam
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Presentation Slides by Dr Gillian Koh
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Presentation Slides by Dr Norman Vasu
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Presentation Slides by Associate Professor Thang Leng Leng
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Speech by Minister Ong Ye Kung
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Speech by Mr Ho Kwon Ping
Singapore Perspectives 2017: Full Report

Video Highlights:
• Opening Remarks by Mr Janadas Devan, Director, IPS

• PANEL I : Looking Out

• PANEL II: Looking In

• PANEL III: Looking Across

• PANEL IV: Looking Ahead

• Special celebration for Professor Tommy Koh

Additional Information:
• Photos from the conference are on Flickr. Please credit the Institute of Policy Studies when publishing the photos.
• Conference updates on Twitter @IPS_sg

Media Coverage of Singapore Perspectives 2017:
• • The Straits Times. 2017. PAP must be ‘open-minded, attract diverse talents and constantly self-reflect’ 25 January
• The Straits Times. 2017. Loss of confidence in PAP? Possible, if complacency sets in 25 January
• NUS News. 2017. Pondering what may come 25 January
• The Straits Times. 2017. What if Singapore has to choose China or US? 24 January 
• TODAY. 2017. Terrex issue is collateral damage from testy US-China ties: Tommy Koh 24 January
• TODAY. 2017. Multi-party political system could ruin S’pore: Ong Ye Kung 24 January
• The Middle Ground. 2017. Tuesday at Ipster Cafe: A poetic response to the three points of Amanda Chong 24 January
• The Straits Times. 2017. Institute of Policy Studies’ annual Singapore Perspectives conference One-party rule ‘may be way for Singapore to succeed’: Ong Ye Kung 24 January
• 联合早报. 2017. 王乙康: 一党制是小国 取得平衡关键 1月24日
• 联合早报. 2017. 学者:中美关系交织 新加坡未必要选边站 1月24日
• Channel NewsAsia. 2017. Multi-party system has real long-term risks for Singapore Ong Ye Kung 24 January
• 2017. Minister Ong Ye Kung comes under the PM spotlight twice in a month 24 January
• 2017. Ho Kwon Ping offers 3 ways to think about the PAP and the future of Singapore politics 24 January
• Berita Mediacorp. 2017. Ong Ye Kung Sistem berbilang parti timbulkan risiko jangka panjang kepada S’pura 24 January
• Berita Harian. 2017. PERSIDANGAN PERSPEKTIF SINGAPURA 2017 24 January
• 2017. Lawyer-poet’s bold speech about arts in S’pore triggers tender exchange between her & Prof Tommy Koh 23 January
• 2017. Minister Ong Ye Kung asked at IPS conference: ‘What if S’pore becomes a 2 or multi-party system?’ 23 January
• Channel 8 News. 2017. 教育部长王乙康:多党制可能会分化社会 拖慢决策进程 1月23日
• Channel 8 News. 2017. 要确保我国与众不同 政府须具长期策划和决定的能力 1月23日
• Vasantham Tamil Seithi. 2017. சிங்கப்பூரைச் சிறப்பானதாக ரைத்திருக்க, பல ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்னதாகத் திட்டமிட்டுதல் முக்கியம் 23 January
• Berita Mediacorp. 2017. Keupayaan pemerintah rancang masa depan, buat keputusan penting kunci utama S’pura istimewa 23 January

IPS is grateful to the following organisations for their generous support of Singapore Perspectives 2017:

Fairmont Ballroom,
Raffles City Convention Centre
Mon 23 January 2017
08:30 AM - 05:30 PM

For enquiries, please contact Ms Yap Wei Ting at tel: 6516-8382 or  email: decb64_aXBzLnBlcnNwZWN0aXZlc0BudXMuZWR1LnNn_decb64