Alumni Event

LKY School Beijing Alumni Chapter Chinese New Year Dinner


Beijing Alumni Chapter Committee: 
Front Row: 3rd from left – Ms Yan Shufen (MPA 2010), Secretary; Front Row: 4th from left – Mr Wu Guanghui (MPAM 2012), President; Second Row: Far right – Mr Sun Liyong, President, NUS Beijing Chapter

On 8 March, 2015, about 30 alumni from the Beijing Alumni Chapter gathered together for an evening of sumptuous food and lively conversations in celebration of Chinese New Year. Alumni from each of the four programmes (MPAM, MPP, MPA and MPM) were well represented.

Chapter Secretary, Ms Yan Shufen (MPA 2010), welcomed the alumni and representatives from the LKY School, namely, Professor Hui Weng Tat, Professor Chen Kang, Ms Wang Tong from Academic Affairs (Admissions and Academic Partnership) and Mr Bernard Lee from External Affairs (Alumni Relations and Development).

During the course of the dinner, Professor Hui Weng Tat and Professor Chen Kang spoke about their respective research. The alumni also received updates on alumni network movements, and were enthusiastic about the growing number of alumni chapters, contribution of alumni to the recruitment effort and the upcoming alumni survey.

The gathering reinvigorated the Chapter’s commitment to support and further the missions of the LKY School and the evening ended on a high note with words of encouragement from Chapter President, Mr Wu Guanghui (MPAM 2012).

Sun 8 March 2015
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM