Alumni Event

Bangladesh Chapter – Tree Planting and Beautification Programme

“I planted not only the tree but also planted my love for NUS and Singapore to grow”– Mr. Nazmul Siddique (MPA 2008).



The LKY School Bangladesh Alumni Chapter was officially established on 11 August 2016. It was a joyful and great moment for the alumni who have graduated from LKY School. To celebrate the official appointment of the Chapter and also to commemorate the NUS Day of Service, the Bangladesh Alumni Chapter organized a tree plantation programme (which includes beautification work on the road side), in the outer precincts of the Department of Environment, on 3 September 2016.

3 September was an official holiday in Bangladesh, however that did not stop people from participating in this meaningful event. Some of the staff from the Department of Environment (DoE), including the Additional Director General (ADG), were present during the event, and the ADG himself even helped to plant a sapling! Altogether there were 13-15 participants in the tree plantation, including our LKY School alumni and the President of a NGO named Green Savers.

The main beneficiaries of the tree planting activity are the passers-by and office goers, mainly because once these trees and flower plants mature, they will provide not only shade but also beautify the surrounding area. It will reduce dust and enhance the outlook of the roads. Children going to school and their family (using the road) will also stand to benefit from this. Officers and staff of the Department of Environment and Coast Guard would find the place more lovely and lively.

The idea of planting trees and flower plants around the Department of Environment and by roadsides has been immensely appreciated by Director General of the Department of Environment and Coast Guard. Through this tree planting programme, the name of LKY School and its alumni came to be known to the common people and even those in authority. We are positive that this activity will surely remind the people of the good works undertaken by the LKY School Bangladesh Alumni, and we hope that through this we can inspire them to undertake more events like this in the future.

 Some reflections from our Bangladesh Alumni:

  1. “It is a small step, nevertheless paves way for bigger steps in future”– Abul Bashar (MPP 2009)

  2. “The dream came true of being recognized and connected with other NUS alumni” –Mr. Waheed Alam (MPA 2013)

  3. “I planted not only the tree but also planted my love for NUS and Singapore to grow”– Mr. Nazmul Siddique (MPA 2008).

  4. “It is a remarkable event/day for LKY School Alumni in Bangladesh. A new dawn of camaraderie and love has just started.” – MD. Alamgir (MPP 2001)

Sat 3 September 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM