PhD Student Profiles

Stuti-Rawat“My PhD dissertation relates to agricultural policies in low income and lower-middle income countries, where I evaluate the impact of governmental spending in agriculture and the factors that shape it. I am also interested in the role behavioural sciences can play in public administration, especially in a non-western context. Through my research I hope to contribute towards evidence-based policy making.”

Stuti Rawat, PhD Candidate 2014 | LinkedIn | Website


Masood-Ahmed“The LKY School is Asia’s leader in water policy research and the region around it is rife with problems related to drinking water, this makes the school an ideal place for me to do context relevant research in water issues.”

Masood Ahmed, PhD Candidate 2015 | LinkedIn | Website


Ruijie -Cheng“I am working in the field of international economic and financial policy with a focus on Asia. My current research looks at real exchange rates, capital flows and monetary policy effectiveness for Asian emerging economies. I have a strong interest in the macroeconomic policy issues and development. The School’s focus on Asia provides a platform for me to tackle the policy puzzles in the region."

Ruijie Cheng, PhD Candidate 2015 | LinkedIn | Website


Yan-Yifei“Rigorous trainings and excellent support given by the School has enabled her to approach various governance issues with highly interdisciplinary tools and perspectives. Her main research interest is on education governance, especially accountability of basic education within government school systems. Her other research interests include China’s health care reforms, Sino-Indian transboundary water governance, and anti-corruption policies of China and India.”

Bria Yan Yifei, PhD Candidate 2013 | LinkedIn | Website


Altaf Virani“My research focuses on health policy and health system governance. I am interested in policy design, market-based governance, performance management and organizational learning. How do public managers respond to performance instruments, and what design features are necessary to improve performance in public organizations without compromising their social objectives? My current research addresses these questions by examining the effects of recent governance reforms in India’s public hospitals.”

Altaf Virani, PhD Candidate 2014 | LinkedIn | Website


Jennifer Dodgson"I'm interested in the influence of pre-20th century philosophies on modern political thought, and particularly in the way that they influence public perceptions of government. Singapore, built on the synthesis of political systems from across the world, is the perfect place to study the ways in which ideas mix and interact."

Jennifer Dodgson, PhD Candidate 2014 | LinkedIn | Website


Tan-Si-Ying“My research interests encompass health policy reforms in developing countries, social welfare policies, social work interventions, and health of marginalised populations in Asia. In my PhD dissertation, I examine both policy implementation and policy evaluation of provider payment reforms in developing countries by adopting an analytical lens that intersects health economics with public administration.”

Tan Si Ying, PhD Candidate 2014 | LinkedIn | Website


Nihit-Goyal“I want to create and harness scholarly knowledge to address the pressing challenges in energy, climate change, and sustainability through public policy analysis, design, and evaluation. My doctoral thesis critically examines the process of policy innovation and its diffusion by tracing the development of three state-level sustainable energy policies concerning energy access, energy efficiency, and low carbon energy in India. The school’s emphasis on pluralistic research allows me to collaborate with faculty across disciplines and policy areas and explore issues through diverse perspectives.”

 Nihit Goyal, PhD Candidate 2015 | LinkedIn | Website


Yeo-Jun-Wei-Dickson“I’m interested in the intersection between Foreign Policy, Security and Political Economy with regards to China’s growing assertiveness in the Asia-Pacific Region. My core research focus is on China’s framework of treatment for Small but Pivotal States (Nexus States) along its Belt and Road Initiative trajectory. These states are diminutive but are crucial junctions for a growing power.”

Yeo Jun Wei Dickson, PhD Candidate 2015 | LinkedIn | Website


Isha-Dayal“Grounded in realism, my research adopts a political-economy approach to study the current macro-issue of the impact of trade facilitation on regional integration. I aim to contribute to the field of trade policy, by setting the present research in the context of the least integrated region of South Asia. Supervision of Prof. Razeen Sally, a prominent political economist and trade policy expert; and the school’s focus on Asia – both make LKYSPP an ideal choice for me to pursue a doctorate in my chosen sub-field of public policy.” Areas of interest: Trade policy, international political-economy, trade facilitation and transit, regional integration, international aid flows."

Isha Dayal, PhD Candidate 2016 | LinkedIn | Website