Policy Analysis Exercise

What is the Policy Analysis Exercise?

The Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) is the capstone module of the Master in Public Policy (MPP), our two-year full-time programme that provides rigorous training for a strong foundation in public policy analysis, programme evaluation, and management. The PAE client has the opportunity to work with a small team of our senior students (second year students) who, under the supervision of a faculty advisor, apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in the MPP program to define and analyze policy issues, evaluate existing programs, formulate and assess policy options and develop specific, actionable recommendations for the client organization. The analysis and recommendations are then presented in a written report and at an annual PAE conference.

The meaningful engagement of our students in client-driven projects aims to add value to the PAE clients and generate fresh perspectives and insights. On the other hand, the PAE offers our senior students the opportunity to put the knowledge and tools they have acquired in our classes at the service of clients working on real world policy issues.

PAE clients are not required to provide remuneration for the work done by students. The student teams have a budget at their disposal to cover costs of field research and travel.