5 mins

Prestige as power: Will China win the race for global influence?

05 Dec 2018
If China and the US are destined to be rivals, how will it play out? What does a battle look like if the prize is prestige and not territory or domination? What constitutes a win?
> 10 mins

China, the US & a looming Thucydides trap

21 Nov 2018
Singapore’s former Prime Minister and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong sat down with bluenotes managing editor Andrew Cornell at ANZ’s Finance and Treasury Forum in Singapore to discuss the omnipresent China-US confrontation.
7 mins

Is the U.S. For Real in the South China Sea?

30 Oct 2018
It is fair to say that security tensions in the South China Sea have never been greater.
7 mins

How important is America to global trade?

17 Sep 2018
Size matters in light of Trump's tariff wars and the likely damage may be less than feared. But the loss of US leadership will not be measurable by numbers alone.