7 mins

How much does a Singapore household need for a basic standard of living?

24 May 2019
A basic question about basic needs. How much money does an elderly person need to get by in Singapore? A new study has an answer.
5 mins

Elderly suicide: How to address the rising trend in Asia’s ageing population?

12 Dec 2018
Suicide among the elderly reached a record high in Singapore in 2017. Sadly, this trend is reflected in Asia and around the world. What can/should be done?
7 mins

Income inequality can be solved with multi-pronged social policies that are prudent and on time

27 Nov 2018
Over the years, there has been a massive global consensus on the disadvantages of rising inequality, its impact on the economy and society, and why policymakers should take it seriously.
5 mins

Reimaging the Immigrant Experience in Singapore

01 Nov 2018
The Singaporean film “A Land Imagined” is among a crop of indie films that turn the spotlight on Singapore’s immigrants and their relationships with its citizens.