7 mins

The Asian flavours of populism

11 Apr 2019
In many ways, politics is becoming the art of populism. As a host of Asian countries go to the polls this year, a populist Asian revival may be underway.
7 mins

Resisting authoritarian populism: lessons from/for Singapore

01 Aug 2018
The Donald Trump presidency and Brexit have dominated public discourse this year. Both have been characterised as manifestations of what appears to be a rising tide of right-wing populist politics in many parts of the world.
7 mins

Punching Above Its Weight: Is Singapore More Than A Price Taker in Global Governance?

01 Aug 2018
To understand how Singapore has managed to “punch above its weight” – the notion repeated by Hillary Clinton in 2010 – it is important to analyse Singapore’s proactive initiatives in global governance aimed at promoting its national interests on the worldwide arena.
5 mins

Populism in the EU and its impact on trade with Asia

01 Aug 2018
Fears over rising populist and anti-globalisation sentiments have clouded this year’s European elections, which could test the European Union’s (EU) stability and impact trade between Europe and Asia.