5 mins

Reality bites Singapore public housing

02 Jul 2019
Anxiety surrounds Singapore’s public housing policy as 99-year leases approach expiry
7 mins

Deconstructing Public Policy: Why It Matters

02 Apr 2019
Public policy is a lot more complicated than issuing a decree. The best policymakers follow a 5-step process to make sure they get it right.
5 mins

[Singapore Handbook of Public Policy] Public housing policy must evolve with the times

01 Aug 2018
A whopping 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in public housing built by the country's Housing and Development Board (HDB). This sheer scale of public housing allows for it to be used to achieve a broad range of policy objectives, which are not always compatible with, or related to, housing.
5 mins

Singapore’s success in urban planning: Learning from father of city planning Dr Liu Thai Ker

30 Aug 2017
Singapore is known for its efficient land-use planning, which is due in no small part to the contribution of Dr Liu Thai Ker who is often credited as the architect of modern Singapore. The slideshow below pulls out sound bites from a recent interview conducted by the Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development with the former Singapore master planner. Here, he discusses the factors that have led to successful infrastructure development and urban design in the city-state.