7 mins

Is meritocracy still working in Asia?

20 Aug 2019
Asia has a long history of meritocracy in government, going back to Confucius. But are Confucian ideals of virtue adapting to modern problems?
7 mins

Deconstructing Public Policy: Why It Matters

02 Apr 2019
Public policy is a lot more complicated than issuing a decree. The best policymakers follow a 5-step process to make sure they get it right.
5 mins

Why move to reduce examinations and emphasis on grades is disconcerting, but necessary

02 Oct 2018
Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung dropped what seemed to be a bombshell last week: a suite of changes aimed at reducing the emphasis on examinations and grades in Primary and Secondary schools.
3 mins

Why is free education not working?

03 May 2018
In Southeast Asia, close to 7-million children of both primary and lower-secondary school age are not in school, have dropped out or have never been to a school. Despite provisions of free and compulsory education, there are still significant pockets of children who are not in school.