Aging Population

7 mins

How much does a Singapore household need for a basic standard of living?

24 May 2019
A basic question about basic needs. How much money does an elderly person need to get by in Singapore? A new study has an answer.
7 mins

Sandwiched Couples: The dual burden of caring for parents and children

27 Mar 2019
Caring for elderly parents at the same time as young children leads to physical and mental strain.
5 mins

Elderly suicide: How to address the rising trend in Asia’s ageing population?

12 Dec 2018
Suicide among the elderly reached a record high in Singapore in 2017. Sadly, this trend is reflected in Asia and around the world. What can/should be done?
5 mins

Social Pensions in Singapore

02 Aug 2018
Singapore is expected to experience rapid ageing of its population in the next two decades – since 1975, it has a below replacement rate fertility. People more than 65 years old will increase from 0.46 million in 2010, to 1.4 million 2030, an increase of over 200 per cent in just two decades.