Public Management

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The Weekly Global Roundup: Royal Coronations In Asia; Political Violence In Africa (April 29 to May 4, 2019)

13 May 2019
In Asia, the imperial succession in Japan was marked by its first abdication in more than two centuries.
5 mins

Does the 5G spying controversy contain hidden opportunities for Asia?

12 Apr 2019
The storm surrounding 5G and security highlights the lack of regulation in the technology sector, according to academics based in Singapore. ​
7 mins

The Asian flavours of populism

11 Apr 2019
In many ways, politics is becoming the art of populism. As a host of Asian countries go to the polls this year, a populist Asian revival may be underway.
7 mins

Deconstructing Public Policy: Why It Matters

02 Apr 2019
Public policy is a lot more complicated than issuing a decree. The best policymakers follow a 5-step process to make sure they get it right.
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[Research Spotlight Series] Singapore's healthcare system through the years

01 Apr 2019
Singapore has over the years, developed and balanced healthcare policies.
5 mins

Smart cities: PR buzzword or the answer to urbanisation?

22 Feb 2019
The UN estimates more than six billion people will live in cities by 2050. As the world’s cities get more cramped, they’ll need better solutions to the problems of urban living.
5 mins

People power: Transforming India's energy landscape

16 Jan 2019
As India brings electricity and clean cooking energy to hundreds of millions of people, lives will undoubtedly improve. But massive challenges are on the horizon too. How will India manage such a hugely complicated process?
7 mins

This is why China needs animal welfare policies

13 Dec 2018
7 mins

Why we help each other in times of need: Promoting altruistic behaviour amongst the public

06 Dec 2018
What motivates people to help others when disaster or misfortune strikes? How can governments inspire a pro-social sentiment amongst its populations?
3 mins

Liveable Asian cities

19 Nov 2018
Which are the most liveable Asian cities?