10 Aug 2017
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The rise of social media in political participation

Much of Donald Trump's first six months as US president has been characterised by his irrepressible soliloquies on Twitter. Though his irreverent tweets attract more ridicule than respect with the entire Twitterverse uniting in bewilderment over covfefe' he is one of the most followed politicians online.

It is not just personal opinions that are being shared by politicians on social media. Some serious political dialogue has also shifted to the cybersphere. Singapore's infamous Oxley Road saga saw Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings feud with each other on Facebook, with many ministers also using the popular platform to weigh in on the matter.

Social media's value as a tool for shaping public opinion and political engagement is indisputable, especially for ideas that cannot be shared on mainstream media. This infographic will show the growing significance of social media in political participation and how politicians can better engage with citizens online.

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Topics Technology