Environment and Sustainability

3 mins

The evolution of electricity access and clean cooking energy in rural India

10 Dec 2018
6 major energy-deprived states in rural India have seen improvements in access to electricity and clean cooking energy over the last 3 years, according to ACCESS 2018.
5 mins

Three ways to use technology to save us from a water crisis

15 Nov 2018
According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report, 11 per cent of the global population does not have reliable access to clean drinking water.
5 mins

The overlooked role of plant-based meals in climate change

08 Oct 2018
It is time to explore plant-based meals, a low-cost solution to climate change.
3 mins

The Problem with Plastic

14 Sep 2018
Single-use plastic bags are a global problem; unfortunately, Singapore is lagging behind the rest of the world.
3 mins

Can Chiang Mai look to Singapore for solutions to its urbanisation woes?

07 Aug 2018
Chiang Mai and Singapore faced the huge pressure of urbanisation at the turn of the late 20th century. A late bloomer, Chiang Mai’s land reforms have resulted in uneven urban development. Perhaps Singapore’s policies can shed light on spatial inequality.
7 mins

Why water conservation efforts often come up dry

10 Jul 2018
Visual tracking indicators could be just what we need in combating water wastage.
7 mins

Using emotional intelligence to encourage drinking recycled water

30 May 2018
3 mins

ESG Series: The Macroeconomic implications of climate change

25 Apr 2018
7 mins

World Health Day: Can a health systems ’scorecard’ help ASEAN countries kick the smoking habit?

06 Apr 2018
5 mins

Are smart cities safe?

03 Apr 2018