7 mins

How important is America to global trade?

17 Sep 2018
Size matters in light of Trump's tariff wars and the likely damage may be less than feared. But the loss of US leadership will not be measurable by numbers alone.
5 mins

Winners and losers in China’s urban transformation: Land use reforms and their implications for other developing countries

06 Sep 2018
Urbanisation has swept over China in recent decades.
5 mins

Crazy rich Asia risks running into trouble

24 Aug 2018
New film's celebration of wealth is also a warning about rising inequality
5 mins

Are Trade Wars Spiralling into Currency Wars?

21 Aug 2018
Since the turn of 2018, a series of measures initiated by the Trump administration has triggered an ugly trade battle on several fronts. The United States (US) has not only locked horns with numerous countries across the world but also against the WTO and the multilateral trading system as a whole.
5 mins

Digital Hubs: Transitioning Asia into IR 4.0

08 Aug 2018
Digital Hubs are a pre requisite for a country to transit smoothly into IR 4.0. A Digital hub serves as a catalyst in promoting new technologies, fostering innovations, nurturing entrepreneurship through incubators and accelerators, knowledge sharing etc.
5 mins

Could the MAS Help Drive Productivity Growth in Singapore?

13 Jul 2018
The MAS – or Monetary Authority of Singapore – hardly springs to mind when thinking about making Singapore more productive. Central banks like the MAS deal with printing money, saving banks, and fighting inflation.
7 mins

Here’s what Modi needs to do to become a hero

06 Jun 2018
5 mins

US and China cannot escape technology war

24 May 2018
5 mins

US-China trade war threatens Asian supply chains

30 Apr 2018
7 mins

Five Things You Should Know about Bitcoin and Blockchain

27 Apr 2018