5 mins

RCEP negotiators defy trade gloom to create mega-FTA

14 Mar 2019
Plans are afoot to create the world's biggest free trade agreement. If successful it will cover half the world's population and 30% of its GDP.
5 mins

Can Vietnam's tech start-ups prolong the economic miracle?

29 Jan 2019
Vietnam's economy has been a success story since the 80s, largely based on manufacturing exports. Will entrepreneurs and start-ups write the next chapter?
3 mins

How can we avoid the 'Tragedy of the Commons'?

05 Dec 2018
Economist Professor Elinor Ostrom believed the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ could be avoided. But collective action is still a problem especially when it comes to governing global public goods.
5 mins

Asia’s New Middle Income Challenge

30 Nov 2018
A new policy agenda is required to respond to the specific development challenges that arise as Asia becomes a firmly upper middle-income continent.
5 mins

International Trade: A Bleak Outlook

29 Nov 2018
What can governments do to prevent growing protectionism?
5 mins

Asia’s Trade War Task: Minimising the Damage

29 Nov 2018
How will Asia minimise damage from the ongoing trade war?
5 mins

China Risks Misreading Trump on Trade

29 Nov 2018
Are analysts and government officials in China misreading Trump?
7 mins

Maximizing Benefit and Reducing Risk in the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor

24 Oct 2018
Myat Myat Mon discusses some priority preparations Myanmar should undertake before the launch of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor.
5 mins

Defense of supply chains must begin in Bali

10 Oct 2018
World finance chiefs should protect commercial links strained by Trump's trade war
7 mins

How important is America to global trade?

17 Sep 2018
Size matters in light of Trump's tariff wars and the likely damage may be less than feared. But the loss of US leadership will not be measurable by numbers alone.