24 Apr 2019
The week started with a major fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France resulting in the collapse of its iconic spire, and ended with eight bombings in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka which killed at least 200 people. In France, following the fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the richest French citizens and corporations have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, and President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to rebuild the cathedral in a restoration process which is likely to take decades to complete. And in Sri Lanka, the series of bombings led to the governmental declaration of a curfew and blocked access to major social media and messaging sites.






  • In the United States, 2019 now has the second-highest number of measles cases in 25 years. The World Health Organisation, in the same week, also announced that there were more than 110,000 measles cases around the world in just the first three months of the year.
  • President Donald Trump vetoed a bill passed by Congress – the second veto of his presidency – to end American military assistance to Saudi Arabia, for the kingdom’s ongoing war in Yemen.
  • Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced that he was running against President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.
  • Attorney General William Barr released the 448-page, redacted report of the special counsel Robert Mueller, who had spent nearly two years investigating into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.


This roundup was written by Kwan Jin Yao (Master in Public Policy, 2017) and covers news summaries across six regions: Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

This article was first published at https://kwanjinyao.com/2019/04/20/the-weekly-global-roundup-tragedy-in-france-and-sri-lanka-april-15-to-20-2019/

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