Top 10 survival tips for LKY School students

1. 24/7 source for groceries and household amenities


Living in a new environment can be a challenging task. You’ll have to wash your clothes, cook your food and take care of household amenities. To help you out, the nearest supermarket, Cold Storage, stands just across College Green and it’s open 24/7. Or if you prefer, the NTUC Fairprice at Coronation Plaza lies further down the road.

2. Hawker food at the Adam Road Food Centre


You can find a variety of cheap hawker food at the Adam Road Food Centre just to the left of College Green. This hawker centre boasts the famous Selera Nasi Lemak, a favourite breakfast dish of the Sultan of Brunei. Check out Burpple for some photo recommendations on what to eat there. If you find yourself hooked on hawker cuisine, here’s a list of top 11 Must Try hawker centres in Singapore.

3. Take a walk through the Botanic Gardens


Instead of taking the shuttle bus to School, why not walk through the Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site? Spot the black swans as you walk past the pond and feel the morning breeze caress your slightly sun-burned cheeks.

4. Take the MRT


Our version of the subway, the MRT is a quick and affordable way to travel around Singapore quickly. The nearest station is the Botanic Gardens, which is along the Circle Line. With just five lines at the moment, our MRT network is not as complicated as the one in Tokyo.

5. Know your Singlish


Singlish is our unofficial national language and comes in handy when you are communicating with a Singaporean. Bookmark this Singlish Dictionary site to get a headstart. On a related topic, check out this talk on Singlish by poet and literary critic Gwee Li Sui.

6. Get your electronic devices at a steal


Need some electronic devices? Singapore organizes major fairs, where laptops, tablets and other devices can be bought at huge discounts. Several electronic outlets give out discounts and good deals too!

7. Avoid the most haunted place in the LKY School


According to this source, the female toilet in Wing B, Level 3 of Oei Tiong Ham Building is haunted by a woman in blue. One of the janitors heard a scream coming from the left cubicle when night falls. Ladies, if you’re visiting Academic Affairs or Executive Education for your administrative matters, you have been warned.

8. Visit the NUS Co-op for stationary and NUS Merchandise


If you’re running out of stationary, the NUS Co-op bookstore at the Bukit Timah Campus is the nearest place for a quick re-supply. It also sells official NUS merchandise like mugs and t-shirts. Other NUS Co-op stores can be found here.

9. All work and no play?


Post-graduate studies may not be for everyone, but keeping fit is. 30 minutes of exercise a week is the key to staying healthy. Make full use of the exercise facilities at the Bukit Timah Campus, which includes a gym, swimming pool, running tracks, tennis courts, a soccer field and many more. Take this virtual tour and see for yourself.

10. Sofa, meatballs and chicken wings


Pay a visit to the international furniture maker which aims to conquer our living rooms. Besides cheap and desirable furniture, IKEA features some chewy meatballs and tasty fried chicken wings. Diagonally opposite the furniture store sits the Queensway Shopping Centre, well-known for their wide range of sports merchandise.