IPS Update Issue May 2018

15 May 2018


In the Spotlight

P1_150518Seeking a Better Urban Future: Report on the 5th IPS-Nathan Lecture Series

How do cities deal with their urban challenges to create a better life for their citizens? What are the considerations needed to plan and develop Singapore in the face of rapid change and uncertainty? These were the central questions addressed by Dr Cheong Koon Hean in her IPS-Nathan Lectures.


P2_150518Aim for 4G leaders: Equalise vocational, academic pathways

(The Straits Times)
By Dr Gillian Koh

While education in Singapore has always been a great leveller of socioeconomic status, “schools are at risk of becoming part of the unequal system,” observes IPS Deputy Director Dr Gillian Koh. She offers ideas on how we could mitigate the gap between academic and vocational education pathways, and argues that the 4G leaders can reshape Singapore's social and educational landscape, if they can craft a consensus around a vision of an egalitarian and progressive Singapore.

P3_150518Building resilient communities in the age of disinformation
(The Business Times)

By Dr Carol Soon

While the themes and content of the disinformation seen in Southeast Asia may be diverse, the challenges posed to our societies and governments are similar. A sustainable strategic framework to combat disinformation can start with the question – what do various member states aspire to achieve for their society and the wider ASEAN community?

P4_150518In upholding harmony, communities' responses, not just laws, matter
(Channel NewsAsia)

By Dr Mathew Mathews and Mr Leonard Lim

The Government’s range of legislative instruments, such as the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, have been observed to help maintain social harmony. But in recent events, religious communities have come forward and participated in a public display of conflict resolution. What does this mean for multiculturalism in Singapore?

P5_150518Shaping the future of Singapore’s heartlands

By Dr Cheong Koon Hean

Amidst Singapore’s demographic changes, the threat of climate change, and trends such as Singaporeans increasingly working from home and the rise of e-commerce, how can urban planning and public housing evolve to better meet the needs of residents? Dr Cheong Koon Hean tackles these questions in her lecture on the future of Singapore’s heartlands.


P6_150518IPS-CSU Workshop on the Reintegration of Ex-offenders in Singapore

Given the changing profile of drug offenders—younger, and more educated—how can Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore’s aftercare sector engage their clients and the larger community, whilst operating within Singapore’s zero tolerance approach to drugs? The IPS-CSU workshop presented a case study on the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association on this challenge.

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