IPS Update Issue March 2019

15 Mar 2019

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In the Spotlight

P1_This Month at IPS_150319This Month @ IPS

In his fourth lecture as IPS’ sixth S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore, Professor Tan Tai Yong examined the processes and paradoxes that went into the making of contemporary Singapore, asking how a stable national identity could be built around the constant tensions of being simultaneously global and local. Photo: Ms Lydia Lim, Head of Training and Talent Development at The Straits Times and Prof. Tan, during the question-and-answer session.

Videos from the event can be accessed here.


P2_IPS-SAM Spotlight on Cultural Policy Series Bang for the Funding Buck KPIs and Capturing the Impact of the Arts_150319

Artists and arts groups receiving government funding are familiar with the key performance indicators used by the National Arts Council. Yet, are they good measures of the impact of the direct and indirect state investment in the arts? Find out what different stakeholders in the arts sector think, in this roundtable of the IPS-SAM Spotlight on Cultural Policy Series.

P3_Reimagining Singapores history through storytelling_150319

Rather than be monolithic, state-driven and textbook-based, Singapore’s history should be seen as a collection of stories about people who call Singapore home — stories we can all relate to.

P4_Crazy Rich Asians in early Singapores history_150319
Commentary — “Crazy Rich Asians in early Singapore's history”
(The Straits Times)
By Professor Tan Tai Yong

Long before the movie, and before Europeans came to Singapore, Asians were already making the island a hub for trade, money and ideas, writes Prof. Tan.

P5_Three principles to ensure intergenerational fairness in Budgets_150319
Commentary — “Three principles to ensure intergenerational fairness in Budgets”
(The Straits Times)
By Christopher Gee and Drew Shih

IPS researchers Mr Christopher Gee and Mr Drew Shih assess the fairness of Budget 2019 for all generations of Singaporeans. The idea is that spending by today's generations should not deplete the resources available for future generations, and each generation should pass on to the next what it had received from the previous.

P6_Cosmolanders and Singapores dual personality_150319
Commentary — “ 'Cosmolanders' and Singapore's dual personality”
(The Straits Times)
By Professor Tan Tai Yong

In this excerpt of Prof. Tan’s fourth lecture as IPS’ sixth S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore, he shows how Singapore adapted and played to its strengths as a city-state while building its national identity, Singapore’s road to nationhood, and what the term “cosmolanders” means.

P7_Navigating the Future Together as a Rugged Singaporean Citizenry_150319
Commentary — “Navigating the Future Together as a Rugged Singaporean Citizenry”
By Dhevarajan Devadas

In his 1966 National Day Address, then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew said that Singapore had to become a “rugged society”. IPS Research Assistant Dhevarajan Devadas reflects on the importance of building a rugged citizenry to help Singapore meet its challenges.

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P8_The Year in Review 2018_150319
The Year in Review 2018

This document provides a review of key policy and political developments in Singapore in 2018.

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