Hong Kong United Youth Association completes Executive Programme in LKYSPP

24 Apr 2014

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On 26 March 2014, 29 young leaders completed the executive programme which the Chinese Executive Education unit of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy conducted for the Hong Kong United Youth Association. These young leaders, believed to be future shapers of Hong Kong’s political and entrepreneur circles, came to the LKY School to learn more about public policies in Singapore, as they considered Singapore an important hub in the Southeast Asia region.

Prof Chen Kang conducted the first session on the topics of Singapore social security system and housing policies, which impressed the participants with the country’s public policy theories. The second session was on strategic thinking and planning for national development of Singapore, delivered by Prof Gu Qingyang, the lead faculty of the programme. The final lecture of the programme was on the Singapore civil service system, selection and development of political leaders, which was given by Prof Wu Xun. These Hong Kong youth leaders were greatly inspired by Singapore’s strategic development from different perspectives and one participant mentioned he is keen to use what he learned from this session to improve the human resource policies in his organization once he gets back to Hong Kong.

The participants enjoyed a rewarding learning experience during hours of fruitful learning and active classroom discussions and hope to come back to LKY School again soon to learn more from our highly experienced faculty.