Essentials of Policy Development 4th Run

2 Sep 2015

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Thirty-three (33) participants from Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Timor-Leste and the Republic of Korea attended the 4th run of the Essentials of Policy Development held on 17-21 August 2015. The programme gave the participants the opportunity to understand the different and innovative ways to analyse, formulate and evaluate policies using real world cases. During the week-long programme, the participants attended modules on policy development processes, stakeholder management, utilizing data and official statistics in policymaking, and communicating policies.

The programme was designed for policy analysts, strategists and government professionals with policy functions. The international composition of the cohort gave room to tackle a variety of domestic issues and policymaking challenges of their respective countries, thereby broadening and deepening their knowledge and global orientation.

Ms. Meekyung Paik of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and LKY School’s Korean Professional Development Fellow for 2015, commented that the programme “enables people from all over the world to share their various perspectives to broaden their knowledge and insights on policy development. My personal experience in the LKY School Executive Education was certainly unique. For it has given me the opportunity to enhance my abilities and boost my self-confidence as a public servant.”


More than 140 participants from around 12 countries have already been trained since its inception in April 2015. Due to high demand, the programme offers 2 runs each year. The 5th run of the course is scheduled on 15-19 February 2016. While the 6th run of the course is scheduled on 15-19 August 2016.