Chinese Executive Education at LKY School — Spotlight on Guangdong

25 Feb 2014

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Singapore’s development model has inspired many Chinese decision makers in recent decades. As the leading professional graduate school in public management, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKY School) has provided training for thousands of China’s officials.

In January 2013, LKY School set up a Chinese Executive Education team to meet the increasing training demands from China. Led by Dr Chan Mun Kitt, Prof. Chen Kang and Prof. Gu Qingyang, Chinese Executive Education at LKY School has conducted as many as 30 customised programmes for more than 800 participants in its first year. Our clients come from government agencies, state-owned enterprises, non-profit organisations and the private sector from all across China.

Training topics range from social management, advanced public administration, human resources, educational management, public health, financial management, technological innovation and urban-rural development.

There are currently four members in the administration team: Ms Wu Zhen, Mr Wu Liang, Ms Yumi Li and Ms Carol Ng.

Two-week programme for Guangdong officials


One of the customised programmes, “Foundations in Governance and Capacity Training Programme for Guangdong Senior Officials”, was a two-week programme designed for 30 senior Guangdong officials at mayoral and vice mayoral levels. The course was conducted in October 2013 in Singapore.

Guangdong, among the wealthiest and most populous provinces in China with remarkable economic development, is now shifting its development focus towards social management and strengthening the government’s right to rule.

LKY School worked closely with the Guangdong clients to ensure that the programme suited their needs and objectives. Trainers came from LKY School’s faculty as well as current and former Singapore senior civil servants and specialists in China affairs.

The programme received enthusiastic feedback from participants. One participant says, “The training was very useful, and I will certainly use what I have learnt from the programme to guide my future work. I like this training programme [because it] focuses on and addresses real situations with a wide range of specialist seminars and site visits. I was inspired by the innovative perspectives from the knowledgeable faculty and I enjoyed communicating with them and learning from them. We are also very satisfied with the professional administration arrangements, whose passionate team supported all our special requirements and gave us a very good experience during our study here at LKY School.”

For more information on Chinese Executive Education at LKY School, contact Wu Zhen, Associate Director for Master of Public Administration & Management (MPAM) Programme, LKY School at decb64_c3Bwd3pAbnVzLmVkdS5zZw==_decb64.