International Relations and Global Governance

CAG launches IR Brown Bag Lunch sessions

27 Nov 2017

The Centre on Asia and Globalisation has launched a new initiative beginning Academic Year 2017/18. The IR Brown Bag Lunch sessions provide a more casual and intimate setting for CAG faculty members to share their nascent research ideas on international relations over lunch, as well as engaging in unconstrained and thought-provoking discussion.
Six sessions have been held during Semester 1:
1. 22 August – A Market for World Order (Danny Quah)
2. 13 September – China’s (Infra)Structural Power: Railway Projects in Southeast Asia (Selina Ho)
3. 11 October – The Trimurti Of Asian Capitalism (Razeen Sally)
4. 26 October – “Poison Money”: The Chinese Rublezone In War And Revolution (Rachel Lin)
5. 16 October – Realism’s Goldilocks Problem: Balancing Patterns in US-China-Russia Relations (Brandon Yoder/Alexander Korolev)
6. 22 October – Science, Technology and Innovation as a domain in International Relations (Konstantinos Glinos)
More faculty members are scheduled to present in the next semester, including Kanti Bajpai and Khong Yuen Foong. Stay tuned!