#BeyondBooks story by Assistant Professor Reuben Ng

2 Feb 2018

“Following a crisis, I was tossed into a situation where I had to support myself. I was in my teens, hormonal and helpless. Should I study or work? I chose both, and that changed my life forever.

I remembered my teachers inspiring us with “nothing is impossible”, and Adidas declaring that “impossible is nothing.” But they missed out the second part of the message: “At what price?” By studying and working, I paid the price with no sleep, no friends, no life.

I studied in the day and took tutoring jobs at night. I tried to take on more but had reached a punishing limit. However, what I needed was beyond my limit.

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Reuben Ng

Reuben Ng is an expert in analytics, AI and behavioural insights at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.