Alumni Event

Wine Tasting Event


Wine Tasting event for our LKY School Alumni? Wine not?

The LKY School Alumni in Singapore were in for a treat as part of the exclusive wine tasting event co-organized by the Singapore Chapter Committee and the Alumni Relations Team. The event was heavily subsidized and co-funded by the Alumni Chapter.

The event, that took place on 11 August 2016, featured a guided wine tasting for 5 amazing French wines, selected by the 3-star Michelin French Sommelier Nicolas Rebut. Participants also sat through a dynamic and interactive 2-hour speech to get some real but playing knowledge of the wine that they are tasting. To top it all up, they get a free selection of cheese, crackers and canapés used for food pairing.

Everyone had a great time learning about wines, and also bonding with fellow alumni through such a fun and enjoyable activity.

Thu 11 August 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM