Official Visit

Visit by Japanese Delegates

Distinguished Guests:

  • Dr Daishiro Yamagiwa
    Chairman of the Committee on Cabinet,
    Former State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Mr Kotaro Tamura
    Senator (2002-2010), Chairman of Upper House’s Committee on Land and Transport(2008-2009) &
    Vice Minister for Fiscal Policy and Economic Policy, Financial Affairs (2006-2007)

  • Mr Mitsuhiro Ito
    Deputy Director, Asia and Pacific Division, Trade Policy Bureau
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Mr Masaru Watanabe
    Manager, Marketing & Sales, Asia Pacific,
    ANA Holdings Inc.

  • Mr Shinichi Hayase
    Vice President, Government and Industrial Affairs,
    ANA Holdings Inc.

  • Mr Kayukawa Yoshihiro
    Project General Manager, Secretarial Dept, Goverment & Industrial Affairs Div.
    Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Mr Hidefusa Toshimitsu
    First Secretary (Trade, Industry & Technology)
    Embassy of Japan


 18 Evans Road, Singapore 259364
Sat 13 January 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM