Official Visit

Visit by guests from The World Bank

List of attendees:

  • Ms Victoria Kwakwa
    Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific, The World Bank
  • Mr Jordan Z Schwartz
    Director, The World Bank Singapore
  • Mr Randeep Sudan
    Adviser, Digital Strategy and Government Analytics, The World Bank
  • Ms Dini Sari Djalal
    Senior Communications Officer, The World Bank
  • Associate Professor Eduardo Araral
    Vice Dean (Research), LKY School
  • Professor Danny Quah
    Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics, LKY School
  • Dr Phua Kai Hong
    Associate Professor of Health Policy & Management, LKY School-NUS
  • Professor Asit K. Biswas
    Distinguished Visiting Professor, LKY School & Founder, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico
  • Professor Whittington Dale
    Visiting Professor, LKY School-NUS
  • Dr Mulya Amri
    Research Fellow & Deputy Director (Research), ACI-LKY School
  • Dr Sasidaran Gopalan
    Research Fellow & Deputy Director (Administration), ACI-LKY School

18 Evans Road, Singapore 259364

Fri 9 December 2016
11:30 AM - 01:00 PM