The Fifteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable

The Singapore Economic Roundtable (SER) is a flagship programme of IPS. A select group of senior private sector economists, academics, business leaders and policy makers are invited to the roundtable which is held twice a year. The meeting is conducted along Chatham House rules and is intended to generate a frank discussion of major macro-economic policy issues facing Singapore. Each SER assesses current monetary and fiscal policy in the light of changing economic circumstances and provides a forum for non-policy makers to air their recommendations. In addition, each SER also looks at a longer term structural issue facing Singapore in detail.

The special focus session of the 15th SER will be on an examination of the industrial policy in Singapore.

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Presentation Slides by Ms Tan Yin Ying
Presentation Slides by Mr Wu Kun Lung
Presentation Slides by Professor Ha-Joon Chang
Key Takeaways from the 15th Singapore Economic Roundtable by IPS Economics and Business Cluster

Media Coverage:

• The Business Times. 2011. Singapore policy options get an airing, 25 May
• The Business Times. 2011. Firms must adjust to rise of Asian consumers, 27 May
• The Business Times. 2011. For S’pore, more activist policies could pay off, 27 May

Mon 23 May 2011
02:00 PM - 06:15 PM