Alumni Event

Japan Chapter - Tennis Charity Match and Alumni Dinner

On 3 September 2016, in conjunction with the NUS Day of Service, the LKY School Japan Alumni Chapter came together and held a charity tennis match, followed by an Alumni Dinner.

 5 LKY School alumni and their friends and family took part in the charity tennis match. Though it was a small group, the games were both intense and fun, surrounded by laughter and cheer around the court. In the name of charity, the participants raised funds which will be donated to a philanthropic organization such as UNICEF or Red Cross.


Tennis Charity Match with alumni (and their family and friends)

After working up an appetite, the alumni went for dinner at Singapore Seafood Republic Shinagawa and they were joined by 6 more alumni and friends. The alumni enjoyed their reunion with old friends and everyone was busy catching up with each other. One interesting fact was that most of the conversations were dominated by the policy debates, which reminded all of us that we are still public policy geeks. The only pity of the night was that we forgot to order chili crab.


Alumni Dinner

 The day-long event was a great success with the largest participation ever.

The event was organized by Takayuki Hayakawa (MPA 2009), Kensuke Yanagida (MPP 2012) and Shumpei Watanabe (MPP 2012).

Sat 3 September 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM