IPS-Nathan Lecture

IPS-Nathan Lectures by Mr Lim Siong Guan: Lecture II (“The Fourth Generation”)

Can Singapore Fall? As a young nation, we have focused our energies on building a strong, independent, and sovereign Singapore. However, after decades of unprecedented growth and prosperity, we now have to guard against the danger of complacency, ossification, and decline. It is timely to contemplate the possibility of Singapore’s failure.

Mr Lim’s second lecture, “The Fourth Generation”, will ask what kind of First World Society we want to be, having achieved First World Economy status. Singaporeans across a broad spectrum have indicated that they would like to see a more gracious society. What are the values and qualities that we would need to adopt, and how can these help the country progress and manage its emerging social issues?



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Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House,
The National University of Singapore,
11 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119244

Tue 10 October 2017
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

Mr Lim Siong Guan

Mr Lim Siong Guan

4th S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore

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