IPS-Nathan Lecture

2014/15 IPS-Nathan Lectures: Lecture II (Economy and Business)

No economic forecasting can cover both the known unknowns and unknown unknowns for the next 50 years. We return to fundamentals and question whether the basic strategy for Singapore’s success in the past – leveraging off the Three L’s of Location, Land, and Labour – are still valid, especially the role of manufacturing when other city-states have moved entirely into services provision. Then, a few sacred cows or below-the-radar issues which will impact on the very long term future of business and the economy are examined in more detail. These include the need for a more integrated immigration and foreign worker policy, changes to the education, land and housing policies, the need for new indices of economic well-being, and the creation of an innovation-attracting social environment.



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Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House,
National University of Singapore (Kent Ridge Campus)
Wed 12 November 2014
06:00 PM - 07:45 PM

Mr Ho Kwon Ping

Mr Ho Kwon Ping

2014/15 S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore

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