Programme Information

  1. Is this programme available via distance learning?
    No, it is conducted only on-campus.
  2. Is the PhD programme offered on a part-time basis?
    No, PhD is not offered on a part-time basis.
  3. What is the length of the PhD programme?
    The maximum candidature is 5 years. However, the scholarship award period is for a maximum of 4 years.
  4. When will the classes for the PhD programme commence?
    A 2-week orientation in late July will take place prior to the commencement of classes in early August.
  5. How big is the PhD class size?
    About 5 to 10.


  1. How do I know if I qualify for the PhD programme?
    The admission requirements and criteria are stated here. Please note that minimum requirements do not imply automatic admission into the school. You may send in your application if you meet the basic requirements.
  2. As a fresh graduate, am I eligible to apply for the PhD programme?
    You should preferably have a Masters degree.

Standardised Test Scores

  1. Is GRE required?
    Yes, it is. The institution code for the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is 7541 and the programme code is 4801.
  2. What is the minimum GRE requirement?
    There is no minimum, but selection is competitive and GREs are an important component of how different applicants are compared.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  1. What are the scholarships being offered?
    Information on the scholarships offered can be found here.
  2. How do I apply for the scholarships that I am eligible for?
    Please indicate your interest in applying for a scholarship in the online application.
  3. Can I apply for more than one scholarship to increase my chances of being awarded one?
    Yes, but this will not increase your chances of attaining a scholarship. The Scholarship Committee will consider your application for all applicable financial aid, if you indicate in your application that you are applying for financial assistance through LKYSPP.
  4. Is there any other financial aid available besides the scholarships mentioned?
    You can apply for financial assistance from the various foundations and international agencies in your country. LKYSPP would be pleased to confirm your PhD application status if requested.
  5. What is the age limit for application for financial aid?
    There is no age limit. Financial aid is offered on a competitive basis.

Tuition Fees and Other Expenses

  1. What are the tuition fees?
    Tuition fees for PhD can be found here.
  2. As an international student, how much should I set aside for living expenses?
    Estimates of living expenses in Singapore can be found here.

Application Procedure

  1. What is the application procedure?
    Please refer to application details here. Interested candidates should submit all required documents to the School by 31 December. Only shortlisted candidates will receive an interview.
  2. I am still waiting for some documents (e.g. reference letters) to reach me and may miss the application deadline is 31 December. What can I do?
    Your application will be reviewed and evaluated only after your complete application and supporting documents have been received. We strongly encourage you to plan early to ensure your application and supporting documents reach us by 31 December.

Application Form

  1. How do I obtain an application form for the PhD programme?
    Applicants have to complete and submit an online application.

Application Fee

  1. Do I need to pay an application fee?
    No, the application fee has been waived.
  2. Do I need to pay a fee when applying for a scholarship or a grant?
    No, the application fee has been waived.

Outcome of Application

  1. When will I know the outcome of my application?
    The final outcome of the applications for the PhD programme will be announced around May.
  2. How will I be informed of the outcome?
    Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for the interview. All shortlisted applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application in writing, via e-mail and post. Priority will be given to those who are offered admission.


Aside from the comprehensive information on our admissions page, if you have any other queries or would like to receive a copy of our programme brochure, please submit your request via our query form. Alternatively, you may also speak to our admissions officers at +65 6516 8004.