MPAM (高级公共行政与管理硕士)

MPAM-iconWith the fast expanding Chinese economy and its rapid integration with the rest of the world, there is a great and increasing need for public administration education among government officials and state-owned enterprise (SOE) executives from China and other emerging economies. In order to reach out to larger constituents, including mid-level and senior government officials and SOE executives, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy introduces a Master in Public Administration and Management (MPAM) programme conducted in Mandarin to train government officials and enterprise executives. MPAM graduates will be equipped to perform in a wide variety of public service fields in all levels of government, in the international arena, and in the private sector, and will receive a Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM) degree conferred by the National University of Singapore. 



随着中国经济的飞速发展以及与世界的快速接轨,政府官员及企事业单位的高级管理人员对提升公共治理能力的需求日 益增加。为了满足中国及华人地区广大中高层领导、管理人才的学习需要,新加坡国立大学李光耀公共政策学院创办了以中文授课的高级公共行政与管理硕 士(MPAM)学位课程,培养公共行政及国有企业管理的高级人才,使他们无论在各级政府中、国际舞台上、或者是私人企业界,都能胜任重要的管理职位。毕业生将获颁新加 坡国立大学公共行政与管理硕士学位。高级公共行政于管理硕士项目于2019年获得由新加坡总理李显龙阁下颁发的通商中国企业奖。(点击查看更多详情 )